Below you will find just some of the glowing reviews and testimonials our loyal clients have provided for us, for the building of their wooden bunk beds or bunk bed accessories. As a local Vancouver company building bunk beds and being part of our community, our customers matter to us – they’re more than just a number on a sales sheet. Because we build our bunk beds right here in Surrey near Vancouver, we have the opportunity to meet and get to know our customers, so we can ensure their bunk bed product is made exactly how they envision it to be.

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Ben has been great to deal with and making the whole process as easy as possible. He went over and above what he needed to do in supplying a bed for us with delivery, installation and even assistance with a custom trundle mattress. Nothing was too much trouble for Ben. The bed looks great and is amazingly sturdy and solid. I couldn’t see anything this good on sale in the stores and searched the web and chanced up 1-800bunkbeds and so glad I did. I would definitely recommend you talk to Ben if you need a bunk bed.

Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

We love these beds! They look awesome in the girls’ bedroom and they love them so much! You were right, it only took an hour to put the beds together. And the time just flew. It was easy and fun! They are so sturdy! Thank-you for making our girls’ beds and for being so helpful. I will recommend you to whoever I possibly can!

Langley, British Columbia

We looked all over for the perfect bunk bed. We needed something durable and extra long for our tall relatives. After researching bunk beds I felt uneasy about paying lots of money for something I was not sure would last, or would start wobbling after a month!  I was really happy to find 1800 Bunk beds. Ben made us a bed that I know will last forever, is beautiful and priced about the same as a the bunk beds that I did not feel confident about. Its nice to work with an individual that builds real sturdy beds like the one my carpenter grandpa made, that too lasted forever. I’m also excited about the ample drawer space that really solves our storage problems!  I’m sure my 6′ €™2″€ father in-law will enjoy his custom, extra long bed! Thanks Ben.

Vancouver, British Columbia

I had been looking for some bunk beds for my two Sons aged 8 & 6 yrs since our move from England to Canada. I saw some in a famous superstore over here but as soon as I touched the display model they felt as if they were going to collapse!
Thankfully I found the 1800 bunkbed website and spoke to a very customer friendly guy named Ben.
I placed our order and once the beds had been constructed I couldn’t believe the quality…..the pictures on the 1800 bunkbed website do not do them justice.
Ben is one of the most friendly, helpful, customer focused guys I have ever dealt with and I can’t recommend him or the high quality bunk beds he makes, highly enough!

T. Hamilton
Surrey, British Columbia

I often have that conversation with people about whether or not to spend more money on quality versus looking for the lowest price. I will always argue for spending more to get quality but unfortunately I often contradict myself because my budget just doesn’t allow otherwise! Of course the best scenario is when you can get really good quality at a really good price but how often does that happen?! For me… almost never – and that’s why I’m taking the time to write this review (something I rarely do)!

My wife and I just moved to the lower mainland and we needed a bunk bed for our two boys. Because we had to purchase quite a bit of furniture, our budget was very low so forsaking quality, we searched all over for the lowest price we could find. We looked for sales in a number of furniture stores and we also looked for used beds online and in the classifieds. At some point we stumbled across 1800bunkbeds.ca. The prices were comparable to a lot of the lower quality beds I had been looking at but then I saw the lifetime guarantee so decided to follow up. I was surprised at what I found.

Dealing with the proprietor, Ben, has been amazing. He’s friendly and he takes incredible pride in what he does. He clearly enjoys it too! He’s a real carpenter working out of a little wood shop in Surrey. There’s no factory, no big machines or warehouses, just a man, his tools and a pile of real wood! That’s right, no particle board or laminate, just the stuff you get when you slice up a tree – something you don’t often see in furniture unless you have piles of money.

Anyways, you may not care about my philosophy of purchasing or whether or not you buy from a nice guy – you probably just want value for your money. Well, these beds are built insanely well and the quality, in my opinion, far exceeds what you’d expect for this price point. One word that best describes the beds is “INDUSTRIAL”. I’m not sure what Ben thinks of the people who sleep in his beds but he is clearly of the opinion that they are some sort of wrecking balls. If you dropped a bomb on my house, I am convinced that there would be a crater with a bunk bed sitting in the bottom of it! I am over 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 210 lbs and I can sit in a drawer while my two boys push me around the room on the casters like it’s a go-cart! With the mattress off of the bed, I can stand with my full weight in the middle of a single slat! The beds just look tough and sturdy. My favorite part though – each drawer can hold the entire wardrobe of one of my sons!

My boys are 8 and 6. These are the last beds I will buy for them. There is no way we will wear them out with normal usage and because the stain preserves the wood’s natural grain, the beds are not just sturdy but they look great too. Thanks for an awesome job Ben and it’s been fun getting to know you!

Danny and Ranette Foster
Langley, British Columbia

We have three kids of all ages and were looking for something comfortable, durable and complemented a luxury townhome, After looking at several stores we feel very fortunate to have found 1800bunkbed. We were able to choose our own stain which looks incredible, the kids love it and its the strongest most resilient piece of furniture I’ve probably ever owned.

Richard and Joy Stewart
Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s been a few weeks now since we set up the single loft bed that we got from Ben at 1-800-BUNKBED and we’re very glad that we ordered it. Our grandson’s room is very small and 9 years of Lego, cars, Pokemon and books has made it seem even smaller. This bed is great! We ordered it with no drawers under it so we were able to push his existing bureau and several bins of toys under it and there is still a spot behind the bureau for our grandson to hide. I’d show you a picture but my computer expertise is non-existent. Our grandson says he feels safe in it & that nothing can get him ’cause he’s up high.

Janet Morgan
Victoria, British Columbia

We had been looking for a trundle bed for our daughters room. We don’t have a spare room for company so our oldest daughter gives up her room for company and sleeps on a foamy on her sisters floor. We wanted a trundle bed so that we could store the foamy under the bed and it would make for an easy set up when we had company. We looked around at different furniture stores but everyone said the same thing…they don’t make a trundle in any other size than a twin.

We found Ben on the internet and he custom made a double bed frame that fit the 3/4 twin foamy that we have. We were so pleased that he was able to make the trundle specifically for our foam and it fits like a glove. Unlike the trundles we’ve seen in furniture stores, this trundle is solid. It is on four casters and is not attach to the bed so we can leave space for our daughter to get out of bed without stepping on her sister! My daughter loves her new bed and when she moves from home one day, she will take this with her as it is built to last! And if she doesn’t want the trundle as a bed, she has a huge drawer to store whatever she wants!

Bill and Wendy Nelson
Campbell River, British Columbia

A photo of the queen size bunk beds in the Grand babies bedroom at our cottage on Johnson Bay on the Indian Arm! The delivery went well, Gram-pa & Dad built lots of muscles as they brought the wonderfully crafted solid wood beds up the mountain to the cottage.
Thanks Ben ! They are perfect and stronger than imagined. All went well in the set-up and the Grand babies were so excited for their first nights sleep. One in each bed! Looks great in our room even though not a large area. Thanks again for the professional & great service! When you explain the product, every detail was truly as promised!
Thanks again!
Will try to send a couple more photos! Just not the greatest due to the size of our room. But beds perfect!!! Fit into decor wonderfully!!!

Sharon & Maurice
Langley, BC

If you are in the market for a new bunk bed than look no further, 1-800-bunkbeds is where you will find your best bang for your buck.
We were in search for a new bunk bed for our two young children and came across 1-800-bunkbeds. This was definitely worth all the time and effort to find the perfect bed for our kids.

We searched and shopped at all the locations you could think of for kids beds but nothing else could compare to what we got from Ben at 1-800-bunkbeds.
Not only is the price reasonable (and actually cost less than all other places), but the bed itself is well constructed and completely sturdy enough to support adults too. Also, meeting Ben in person was a great pleasure as he was very courteous and spent the time explaining all the details to us ensuring that we were making the right choice. He was also good with the kids allowing them to test out the demo bunk beds he has in his show room so that we could understand and see how the kids would feel sleeping in a bunk.

Overall, we would highly recommend Ben at 1-800-bunkbeds to all those parents who are shopping for a new bunk bed.

Denise & Jason
Vancouver, BC

Ben at 1-800 Bunkbeds was able to create a double daybed with a single trundle bed for my son’s room. Unfortunately such a bed did not exist at any furniture store or online. I needed to fit two beds in my son’s room and did not want the beds to take over the entire room. The ceiling height was too low for a bunk bed & ideally I wanted a larger bed to accommodate my growing son. The double bed with a single bed that rolls out from underneath was the ideal solution to my dilemma!

I decided to find out if I could have the bed made and was pleasantly surprised that Ben wholeheartedly took on the challenge and created a beautiful high quality piece of furniture at an affordable price. The quality of the workmanship is excellent, and I’m very happy with my purchase… Thank you 1-800 Bunkbeds!!

Burnaby, BC

My Wife and I was searching for a well made bunk bed that would hold up to kids and the stress of use over time. I did an internet search for bunk beds in Surrey and up came Ben Potter’s website. I went to the website and what a lucky choice that was. After reading about his construction of the bunkbeds and seeing the pictures on the website convinced me to call Ben. After meeting with Ben Potter and seeing his worksmanship in person, We ordered two single/double bunk beds. He delivered when he said, he called when he said he would. And the main point he also assembled the bunkbeds when he came. Great Price, Excellent worksmanship, and an Excellent person to deal with. I Highly Recommend Ben Potter to anybody looking to have a REAL QUALITY bunk bed made.

Bud and Evelita Sewell
Surrey, BC

As a first time customer of 1800BUNKBEDS, we couldn’t have been more satisfied. Price, service and quality make it easy to recommend 1800BUNKBEDS. We ordered 10 bunk beds and they were delivered and installed by 1800BUNKBEDS within 10 business days. Ben Potter, the owner, was professional, personable and accommodating – a pleasure to do business with. The beds are so solidly constructed that the lifetime warranty of free repairs is unlikely to ever be called on.

Bronco Cathcart
Sasamat Outdoor Centre
Belcarra, BC

Pierina Brown, BA, BID Principle Designer Pierina and Associates.

What an experience. Perfect from top to bottom! Normally I look for furniture for my clients. This time around it was for our cabin. I wanted to find bunk beds, but had no idea where I would find them as the area I wanted them in an area that was so small. 81.5″ wide to be exact. Did not think it was truly possible.

I looked at all the usual places, like Ikea and The Brick…could not find a thing. Finally one day I googled Bunk Beds and found a messaging board that said they saw a truck drive by with “1-800 Bunkbeds” on it. I thought, why not.

So, I google 1-800 Bunkbeds and write a letter to them. Within 24 hours I have a response back and I believe I chatted with Ben almost immediately. I found out that Ben makes custom bunk beds from scratch. Reluctantly on a rainy, cold Sunday my husband and family drove out to see Ben at his workshop. It was the only day both my husband and I could go together…and Ben had no issue at all with it being a Sunday.

I thought for sure my husband would turn around and say, “What a waste of a drive.” Instead, after meeting with Ben and seeing his product…we both were in awe of his professionalism and his quality of work. My husband had question after question for him …and so did I. I drew a couple of sketches for Ben and explained the weird room.

To my surprise after a few emails and calls, Ben did not want an error to occur and drove all the way to Squamish to take measurements for himself and see the space!!!! He told us the beds would be done in two weeks.

Two weeks later to the date they arrived and EXCEEDED our expectations!!! Not only did he deliver the beds and set them up, but he came by our house and picked up my mattresses and drove them there too!!!!

I could not have asked for a better experience!!!! I will tell all my clients and everyone who visits the cabin about Ben and his bunk beds !!!!

Excellent quality. Excellent service. The Brick watch out!!!! Ben WILL put them you out of business when it comes to bunk beds!!!!

Thanks Ben very, very much for making our complicated loft double beds! Did not think it could happen without a hitch and it did! You are wonderful.

Thank you again.

Pierina Brown. Interior Designer and Mom/Wife and Mom of two very happy little ones!!!!

PS Your pricing is INCREDIBLE too!!! VERY, VERY REASONABLE !!!! In fact, you should almost raise your prices! Thank you again.

Pierina Brown. Interior Designer and Mom/Wife and Mom of two very happy little ones!!!!
Vancouver, BC

I have been shopping around for a bunk for my two sons who are at outgrowing their toddler beds. I have a set budget and sturdiness requirement (My boys test all the beds I was considering). My wife stumbled upon a craigslist ad for this place. Intrigued I browsed the site, looked at the price list, and decided to checkout the beds. I booked an appointment at the workshop and brought my testers with me. My boys didn’t end up on the bed, but I did, and I was thoroughly impressed. I put in an order for a bunk bed with wheeled trundle that moment. We have the bed for a week now and I can let my boys loose on the bed without any worry of it breaking down. This is a bed that will last their lifetime.

dad with two boys
Coquitlam, BC

My wife and I scoured the lower mainland trying to look for a trundle bed that can withstand a beating from my 5 and 7 year boys and their cousins. We went to your typical big name stores and we always came empty handed. I saw the material used on the their beds and knew right away that my sons would tear those beds to pieces in a week.

Then I was lucky enough to come across Ben and his hand crafted beds. 1800bunkbed was exactly what we were looking for. The material that Ben uses are top notch and his lifetime guarantee ain’t all that bad :D. Ben was a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend his beds.

Surrey, BC

When I first saw the ad for 1800bunkbeds and looked at the prices, I thought “No way can you build a quality bunk bed for so little!”. So I went right to the source to find out for myself. It was there I met Ben Potter and he walked me through his shop and showed me the different beds. My kids love their bunkbed and I would recommend Ben to all my family and friends because you can’t put a price on your children and Ben puts safety & quality first and price second.

Burnaby, BC

We are very happy with the bunk bed we had made by 1-800-Bunk bed. The bed is extremely sturdy and is easy for our child to climb into. The drawers are gigantic and slide nicely out from under the bed. Assembly of the bed was straight-forward; no confusing instructions! We also appreciate that the bed was made on time, as promised, and looks exactly like the photos we saw on the website. We would definitely recommend 1-800-Bunk bed to anyone looking for a good quality, sturdy bed. Thank you!

Surrey, BC

The bed is AWESOME!!! Your customer service and product is #1. Our daughter has made forts, had many sleepovers, and alternated her sleep every night between the top and bottom bunk.

I would absolutely recommend Ben and 1800BUNKBED to anyone that is looking for a bed.

Your product is fantastic. Sturdy, easy to put together and something that will last forever.

Thank you so much Ben it was a pleasure doing business with you and I will recommend you to anyone!!

Coquitlam, BC

It was a pleasure dealing with Ben. He answered my many questions promptly and concisely and his communication was A+ from the start. I looked at many types of bunk beds but after seeing Ben’s craftsman ship first hand I knew this bed would last a lifetime. It was very easy to assemble and is as strong as a brick. Very high quality bunk bed and for the price to quality ratio it cannot be beat. Highly recommend.

Langley BC

We really think the bunk beds that Ben has built are of excellent quality. We had 8 bunk beds built for young adults and have withstood their use so far. We have used metal and wood bunk beds but these are the most solid bunk beds we have ever had! What a great product and great price.

Ben was awesome to work with. He delivered the beds on time and followed up to see how they were doing for us.

I highly recommend these beds and especially Ben Potter who catered to our every need!

Vancouver, BC

Here is what I like about the bed
It is simple – I like everything about the trundle bed that Ben made for my daughters!
– it is custom made and it perfectly fits our needs (small room and the girls that are too young for bunk bed)
– it is green, locally made, solid wood, no chemicals… definitely low impact on the environment.
– it is very durable, you can not find a product of this quality at many places
– it is very affordable; even used beds from Craigs list are more expensive!
The most important – my kids love the bed!

Thank you Ben!

Vancouver BC

As a Personal Assistant, I was given the task to find 3 bunk bed units for my employer’s vacation home with a tight time limit. I spent many hours visiting large and small furniture stores throughout the Lower Mainland looking for units that could not only handle the daily abuse subjected by children and their friends, but also accommodate those over 6 feet tall. Included in the list of requirements was the ability to fit in one room! Everything I looked at was far below expectations.

After many internet searches throughout North America, I was ecstatic to have found Ben Potter locally through 1800bunkbeds.ca. My first visit to his shop was met with an enthusiasm I hadn’t experienced with a supplier in a very long time. It was very clear from the outset Ben was proud of his work and really cared about his quality of product and service. He was there to meet my needs and was open to sharing his knowledge and suggestions to my complete satisfaction and especially my employer. He even visited the home in Whistler to ensure the measurements, the finishing and the color was perfect. Not only was his pricing exceptional, his turnaround was phenomenally fast delivering all three units to Whistler well within the timeline. Needless to say, my employer is extremely happy with the results and has expressed an interest in returning for a queen bed frame. Ben’s product will last forever – pieces that will carry down through generations of families – a true artisan that is deserving of great success!

Vancouver BC