• Our trundles are hand made solid wood drawers specially designed to fit under your bed and hold a mattress -- a hidden bed! Trundles come equipped with heavy-duty casters that allow heavy loads to be easily moved.
    We can sell custom trundles separate from the purchase of beds if required, but the best time to order a trundle is while ordering the bed. Then we can make any necessary adjustments to the bed to accommodate the selected trundle plus mattress combination, as well as matching materials and stains.
  • Single and Twin mattresses are the same size.
    Double and Full mattresses are the same size.

    For trundles, size is determined by the specified mattress size. Thus, a Single Trundle will accommodate a single mattress, while a Queen Trundle will accommodate a queen mattress.
    If you have an existing mattress that you want the trundle to contain, we can customize the size of the trundle to fit it. If the resulting trundle plus mattress is too high for the lower bunk, we can adjust the lower bunk height to accommodate.
    Take care to choose a trundle that will fit under the lower bunk. Also, think about how much room you have in front of the bed. It doesn't make sense to have a king size trundle if the space in front of the bed will only accommodate a single trundle when pulled out.
  • The choice of Stain may affect the time to complete as oil-based stains take significantly longer to dry than water-born stains.

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Trundle Mattress Dimensions 
Length: Single/Twin, Double/Full 73″, Queen, King 78″
Width: Single/Twin 38″ Double/Full 54″ Queen 60″ King 76″
Thickness:  7″ max