• Our hand made solid wood stairs are specially designed for either end of your bed for extra storage!
    We can sell stairs separate from the purchase of beds if required, but the best time to order stairs is while ordering the bed. Then we can ensure matching materials and stains.
  • Stairs are 48 inches high and have 4 steps including the top landing. By default, the top landing is the same size as the steps. We also offer the option of a larger top landing. Both styles are shown in the pictures.
  • The choice of Stain may affect the time to complete as oil-based stains take significantly longer to dry than water-based (wb) stains.

  • Price: $ 0.00 CAD
  • $ 0.00 CAD


We have stairs for your bunk and loft bed! And each tread is hinged to open for storage! The Stackable Bunk Bed, ideal not only for saving space but can easily be taken apart and used as two twin beds later on! Add the Storage Stairs for a completely distinctively look while adding a safe access to the top bunk and creating much storage space. Or add a Trundle Bed for extra sleeping space.

Did you know we offer Stairs with Cubbies?  If you’ve seen the cheaper imported model’s, you’ve probably noticed that their stairs may have drawers that can be pulled out. This is a safety hazard because a drawer can be left open for a child to trip over and be hurt. Safety is always priority for us.