Bunk Beds

  • Single and Twin mattresses are the same size.
    Double and Full mattresses are the same size.

    Note that standard single and double bed mattresses are 75 inches long while standard queen and king bed mattresses are 80 inches long. But extra long (XL) single and double mattresses are available which are also 80 inches long. If you choose Single over Queen, for example, then the upper bunk will accommodate a Single XL mattress.
  • The choice of Stain may affect the time to complete as solvent based stains take significantly longer to dry than interior / exterior ultra low VOCs water-born stains.
    62 inch Bunk Beds have a gap of 27.5 inches between the lower bunk and the upper bunk while 71 inch Bunk Beds have a gap of 36.5 inches.
    The increased height allows most adults to sit upright at the edge of the lower bunk without striking their heads on the upper rail.
    When the upper and lower bunks may be either separated into two regular beds or stacked as a bunk bed, we say the bunk bed is Separable / Stackable. When the upper and lower bunks cannot be separated, we say the bunk bed is Inseparable or non-stackable.

  • Drawers come in two styles: trundle, which is basically one large drawer capable of holding a mattress, or two half length drawers. Take care to choose drawers or trundles that will fit under the lower bunk. Also, think about how much room you have in front of the bunk bed. It doesn't make sense to have a king size trundle if the space in front of the bed will only accommodate a single trundle when pulled out.

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Bunk bed Dimensions 
Length:  Single/Twin , Double/Full 81″ , Queen , King ,  XL 86″
Width: Single/Twin 42 ” Double/Full 58″ Queen 64″ King 80″
Height total:  62″, 68″, 71″
Gap :  27 1/2″ ,  33 1/2″ , 36 1/2″ 
Mattress Dimensions
 Length: Single/Twin , Double/Full 74 3/4″ Queen, King , XL 79 3/4″
 Width:  Single/Twin 38″, Double/Full 54″, Queen 60″ King 76″
 Thickness upper bunk:  9″ max
 Trundle Mattress Dimensions 
Length: Single/Twin, Double/Full 73″, Queen, King 78″
Width: Single/Twin 38″ Double/Full 54″ Queen 60″ King 76″
Thickness:  7″ max