About Us

At 1-800-BUNKBED we make strong sturdy and aesthetically pleasing bunk beds in Vancouver, the way they should be made, to last a lifetime. There came a time when our own children needed bunk beds, so we started our search. It didn’t take very long to realize we would never find the kind of strong, sturdy bunk bed we would be comfortable putting our kids to sleep on. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and start designing and building our own wooden bunk beds in our workshop just outside of Vancouver. We were very pleased with the results and decided to post our bed on craigslist and see if anyone else would like them as much as we did. Well, the rest is history. We’ve been swamped with orders ever since. It became obvious that there is a need out there for safe and strong bunk beds and we would be more than proud to serve our community that way. It is our dream to become Vancouver’s leading manufacturer of bunk beds.



Sherryl and Travis are the owners of 1-800-Bunkbed; building custom solid wood bunk beds to last you a lifetime.  Call  (604-599-3885 or toll free 1-800-BUNKBED) with your specific bedding needs.